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Climate Action   Empowering communities and younger generations to respond to the climate emergency

Welcome to Climate Action

You are in the right place for climate change training.  We have dates and course available for a range of groups over the coming months.  Please read the training options guidance below and book your course when you are ready.  We look forward to working with you.

Training options

In order to book on to the correct course please review the boxes below.  For each course type such as teachers, community leaders and communities, there are both 1 day and modular versions.  Please also view the upcoming available course dates that are available for your chosen course using the link below.  Once you know your course and the available dates you can use the green button above to create a short profile and book on to your course.

Click to view upcoming available course dates

If you are a local business, please contact Scott Howes to discuss your training needs.

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Why get involved?

Because we are living through a climate emergency and fast running out of time to stave off the worst effects of an ever-warming planet. Rapid and robust action is required, as is the need to understand and talk about the crucial issues at play in the crisis.

Carbon Literacy Programmes provide:

  • Confidence, knowledge and skills to engage with the climate emergency, including an introduction to the key topics of climate science, climate justice and carbon footprints
  • Free training for teachers, community leaders and youth-group leaders that they can use to teach Carbon Literacy Programmes of their own
  • Free teaching and learning resources that initiate important conversations that can assuage feelings of climate anxiety and spark plans for climate action into life
  • Accredited certification from the Carbon Literacy Project that signals a professional commitment to tackling climate change.

Getting with the programme

By the end of each course, you will have explored:

  • the basics of climate change science
  • how climate change has greater impact on vulnerable groups in our communities
  • the impacts and risks of climate change for Northern Ireland and regions across the globe
  • how governments have responded to the climate emergency at a global and local level
  • specific ways that you as an individual and your local community can make changes to reduce carbon emissions and improve the lives of current and future generations
  • resources and networks that connect communities in developing climate action projects

Who funded these courses?

The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs has generously funded the development and roll out of the Carbon Literacy programmes across NI. This provides individuals with the opportunity to learn more about the urgency of the climate change challenge we face together as well as how to take action in our own lives to become part of the solution. The programme looks at climate change in Northern Ireland as well as across the globe and explores ways that we can focus the power of our local communities to ensure that we are all protected and all have a voice.

Our Partners

All Carbon Literacy Programmes offered by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful are certified for delivery by the Carbon Literacy Project, an award-winning organisation that has delivered climate-change education across the globe.

The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs has generously funded the development and roll out of the Carbon Literacy Programmes across sectors.