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For businesses

Climate Awareness training for business

For the past four years KNIB has worked closely with DAERA to develop and roll out a comprehensive suite of (accredited) climate awareness training programmes across Northern Ireland. (see below). This is necessary to accelerate the shift towards a carbon literate society, prepare people for the significant and transformative social, economic, and environmental changes that government will have to implement in the coming years and equip them with the knowledge and skills to build their resilience for the future.

Training materials have been successfully tailored and delivered across a range of sectors in this time, including education, youth, tourism, sports, business and the wider community and voluntary sector. Please take a look at the range of training we offer below and get in touch if you would like to discuss the programmes and find out costs.  Contact details below.

1. Carbon Literacy Training

The course is designed around climate change criteria identified and accredited through the Carbon Literacy Project, a UN recognised organisation and the certificate awarding body.

This 8-hour training course can be completed in a number of formats to suit your needs via online zoom meetings or in-person within your work setting. These formats are outlined below,

1 day programme


Two modules programme

Timings to suit, modules no more than 1 week apart, each module 2.5-3hrs

The training can be used to support organisational change towards new, sustainability projects and actions or provide a clear context to the wider climate challenge we all face across sectors.  This training provides opportunity for discussion and debate around key environmental themes.

The training will focus broadly across the following areas:

  • The climate change challenge and behaviour change
  • Climate risks and opportunities for NI
  • Global and local policy response
  • UK and NI emissions
  • Journey to net-zero
  • Carbon Footprints
  • Individual and group action
  • Making an emission reduction pledge

The course is externally accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and all attendees will receive a certificate on the completion of a short evidence form at the end of the training.

Course costs (where applicable) cover the following,

  • Course materials
  • Course delivery – a training colleague will organise your programme in a format and timescale to suit your needs.
  • Reading lists and toolbox talk resources – available as required.
  • Carbon pledge – evidence form check, guidance documents and submission.
  • Online certification through the Carbon Literacy Project – we send attendees digital certificates once they have been awarded.

Attendees should come away from the training with an understanding of the following:

  • Climate change science and the urgency for action – contextualised to NI where appropriate.
  • Climate justice, emission sources and impacts
  • Carbon footprints – our own carbon equivalent emissions and their significance
  • Behaviour change – how much change is enough?
  • Taking action and making a difference – individual and group pledges

2.     2. Climate Smart Training

We also deliver Climate Smart training, a shorter, 2.5hr, programme that focuses on the core climate awareness issues in the format below. (Due to be CPD certified August 2024)

  • What is climate change? (explore key concepts, Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Cycle, Global Warming)
  • How does climate change affect NI and the wider world? (key examples for NI and the wider global landscape)
  • What is climate action?  (exploring behaviour change to reduce emissions for individuals)
  • Quiz – carbon impacts of everyday activities (exploring everyday behaviour and the carbon impacts they have)
  • How can I be part of the solution?  (easy access steps we can take to start reducing emissions)
  • Q/A – open Q/A session where we are happy to take questions from your staff team.

3.     3. Climate Briefing

We can offer 1 ¼ hour climate briefing that provides a short 45-minute presentation followed by an opportunity for Q/A to answer your key questions. 

Do let us know if you would like further details on this programme.

Admin and delivery requirements.

Please note that the Carbon Literacy Project is the certifying body.  KNIB will review and support attendees in the completion of their evidence forms to provide the best possibility of certification.

If we are training within your workplace, the following facilities are required.

·         Projector/screen or large monitor/screen

·         Audio/speaker links if possible

If we are training on-line, we may use Slido software for engagement with larger groups so please come ready to log in via a QR code reader on your phone or via your search engine.

Comments from previous attendees.

'Found the training provided to be very informative. It also had good examples of what actions companies and individuals can take to combat climate change' 

'Very informative and well laid out. Questions were welcomed. Clear presentations, everything was broken down very well'

'Comprehensive overview of how the global climate crisis can be impacted positively by local collective and individual action'

'Very informative, sobering yet inspiring course'

For more information and costs please contact;  scott.howes@keepnorthernirelandbeautiful.org