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Meet the Class of 2024!

Thumbnail picture of Aine Murray

Aine Murray

Building Performance Prediction Ltd

I am a sustainability engineer at BPP Energy, since joining I have lodged over 2000 Energy performance Certificates for newly built homes. I believe that my role help minimise the carbon impact Buildings have and contribute towards the end fuel poverty. I also have a podcast called Carbon Cli-mates, which focuses on exploring different careers in the Energy, environmental and construction sector, with the aim of inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in this ever-growing field. 

I am delighted to join the 30 under 30 programme and cannot wait to work with the rest of the cohort. 

Thumbnail picture of Ansu Alex

Ansu Alex

Moore Concrete Products Ltd

I am a concrete technologist and a KTP associate in Queens University of Belfast partnered with Moore Concrete Products Ltd. Having my background in Chemistry, and Material Science and Engineering, I am deeply involved in researching carbon reduction strategies within the construction industry. My primary focus is on developing innovative approaches to reduce embodied carbon in precast solutions.

Driven by my passion for environmental activism and education, I actively engage in cross-sectoral discussions aimed at addressing the climate crisis. I firmly believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing to drive meaningful change. With the support of Moore Concrete's forward-thinking team, I am empowered to contribute to our collective effort in combatting climate change.

In addition to my professional responsibilities, I am committed to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability practices, I strive to be a catalyst for positive environmental impact and advocate for a more sustainable future. Through this programme, I am excited about the opportunities ahead and remain dedicated to leveraging my skills and knowledge to advance sustainability in the construction industry and beyond.

Thumbnail picture of Bailie Wilson

Bailie Wilson

Ulster University

I am 23 years old and currently a second year PhD student at Ulster University Belfast studying low-energy design homes and passive home construction.

I decided to apply and participate in ’30 under 30’ as I was keen to participate in a movement promoting sustainability. I feel I can contribute knowledge in terms of energy efficiency in the residential sector which is a vital factor to consider for our future.  I am hopeful that this programme will allow me to work and meet with like-minded people who share the same goals; to work towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment. 

Thumbnail picture of Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Business in the Community

I am an Environmental Advisor for BITCNI, managing the NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey and currently training to deliver CLT. Previously, I worked as a Sustainability & Quality Engineer in concrete manufacturing, responsible for all aspects sustainability, from calculating carbon footprint to exploring eco-friendly materials/processes for low GHG emissions. I have a BEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering, and a MSc in Environmental Engineering. I have also successfully completed a 3-year KTP with QUB and AG.

I’m excited to embark on the 30 under 30 journey with like-minded peers, broadening my sustainability network and working together to gain the skills and knowledge to become top Climate Champions.

Thumbnail picture of Catherine McGinn

Catherine McGinn

The Carbon Literacy Project

I'm a Digital Communications Officer at The Carbon Literacy Project, a UN-recognised climate education and action charity. I graduated from Ulster University with a degree in Marketing in 2019, and shortly after was confronted with the severity of the climate crisis. Ever since, I knew I wanted to use my degree and digital communications skills as a force for good, so I could translate environmental issues to a range of audiences. 

Through the 30U30 programme, I look forward to building connections and being part of an inspiring network of climate change makers who will advocate and lead the way for a safer, greener Northern Ireland.

Thumbnail picture of Cenka Drayne

Cenka Drayne

JANS Group

My role as ESG and Sustainability Lead at JANS Group is to collect, manage and report ESG data across six companies, focussing on our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and our social parameters. This enables me to take a data-driven approach on improvement projects, working with various teams to improve our environmental and social impact internally and externally.

As a Physical Geography graduate (UOM & CU Boulder) and a lover of the outdoors, I am passionate about working together to make credible sustainable change and am therefore excited to connect, engage and work with my cohort.

Thumbnail picture of Clare Bankhead

Clare Bankhead

Dale Farm Ltd

My BSc in Geography and MSc in Climate Change led me to work as an environmental analyst at Dale Farm, where I am dedicated to reducing carbon emissions to meet targets. I see the dairy industry's role in sustainability, as well as its representation in initiatives such as the 30U30, as crucial. As a major emitter in Northern Ireland, the agri-food sector presents challenges, but also huge potential for significant emission reduction.

Through the 30U30 programme I aim to expand my knowledge and collaborate with like-minded individuals. I aspire to be a leader in reducing emissions in local industries, leaving a legacy of resilience, and guiding Northern Ireland’s agri-food sector to be a pivotal element of Northern Ireland’s sustainable future.

Thumbnail picture of Daniel Perry

Daniel Perry

Belfast International Airport

 I am a graduate of Geography and an MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development from QUB. I currently work at Belfast International Airport as an Environment and Sustainability Officer working on energy and resource management, decarbonisation of operations and sustainability reporting. I want to learn more about sustainability and engage with other young people to gain a better understanding of local sustainability issues and opportunities.

I’m excited to expand my network, gain new skills and learn more about how me and my organisation can get involved in driving sustainable change!

Thumbnail picture of Donna Harkin

Donna Harkin


I am a Senior Sustainability Consultant with experience working in the foundation industries. My passion lies with developing sustainable strategies for heavy carbon-emitting industries, paving the way for reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable future for manufacturing companies. I completed my masters degree in chemical engineering from the University of Hull in 2020, and has since completed a Postgraduate Certificate in the Engineering of Energy, Economics and the Environment from Queen’s University in the last year. Throughout the programme, I am looking forward to working within the cohort, making positive changes, creating a more sustainable future for Northern Ireland.

Thumbnail picture of Emer Duffy

Emer Duffy


I am a mechanical engineer working at CATAGEN in titanic quarter. I have been fortunate to work across a number of climate technology innovative projects there including: hydrogen compression, bio-hydrogen, green hydrogen, carbon capture and now I get to focus all my energy on the development of our e-fuels technology.

 I’m excited to be able to learn from and collaborate with other passionate people from various different backgrounds, to enable me to gain a broader perspective on the problems we face and more importantly more insight into how to solve them.

Thumbnail picture of Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor


After graduating in geography, I took up my current role as a GIS Technician, collaborating with colleagues to develop and launch GreenspaceNI – a comprehensive map of Greenspaces and Off-Road Trails in NI with the aim of measuring household proximity to these spaces, informing strategic policies and resource allocation in NI.

Previous volunteering with the National Trust enhanced my interest in nature and conservation. Alongside my passion for sport and the outdoors, I aspire to champion the health of both the planet and its inhabitants. Through the programme, I want to learn effective climate advocacy and network with like-minded individuals.

Thumbnail picture of Euan Carroll

Euan Carroll


I’m a Development Engineer at CATAGEN, a Net Zero Technology Company. My job mainly consists of research and development activities within our BIOHGEN Project. 

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing having studied a Masters at Trinity College Dublin. 

Alongside my passion for engineering, I have a great interest in the socioeconomic challenges we face and I look forward to collaborating with a diverse range of people, exchanging ideas, and developing my skillset so I can better contribute to accelerating the transition to Net Zero within Northern Ireland and beyond.

Thumbnail picture of Greta Delfino

Greta Delfino

Business in the Community

I am the Advisory Manager at Business in the Community NI and I work with companies to help them reach their environmental and social ambitions. I hold a BA from the University of Warwick in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Previously I worked as the Sustainability Manager at a food company and as a Sustainability Analyst for an agri-food start-up. I am passionate about nature and the environment and people’s responsibility towards for the planet.

I am thrilled to join this year’s cohort and connect with other like-minded individuals to further drive climate action across a range of industries in Northern Ireland.

Thumbnail picture of Hanna Miskimmin

Hanna Miskimmin

Northstone Materials Ltd

Coming from an agricultural background, I’ve always had a connection to the natural world and am passionate about protecting it for future generations. A recent QUB graduate with a first-class honours in Environmental Management, I have managed to turn this passion into a career by securing a new role with Northstone Materials (Northern Ireland’s leading mineral products supplier) as their Sustainability Graduate.

I’m excited to get stuck into this programme, not only to forge lasting connections with likeminded people but to also understand how I can effectively advocate for change within our industry and meet Northstone’s ambitious decarbonisation targets.

Thumbnail picture of Jacky Chu

Jacky Chu


My name is Jacky, the Founder and CEO of AMIE, formerly with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in DevOps and HP Wolf Security Cambridge Lab in Software Engineering. AMIE is a platform tailored for sustainability advocates. With a solid foundation in environmental advocates and a track record in spearheading green initiatives, I've created AMIE to serve as a catalyst for actionable change in environmental advocacy.

Joining the '30 Under 30 Climate Change Leader' program, I aim to elevate public awareness about climate change and implement sustainable practices across sectors, using the platform to enhance community engagement and policy influence. This opportunity is key to amplifying my efforts, contributing to a sustainable future, and leaving a lasting impact on our planet through enhanced leadership and collaboration.

Thumbnail picture of Jamie Hamilton

Jamie Hamilton

The Odyssey Trust

I work for the Odyssey Trust, which includes the SSE Arena, Belfast Giants, W5 & W5 LIFE. Here I lead our NOW (Nurture Our World) Team, which is a diverse team from the across the organisation with one common goal, to improve sustainability performance. My passion for the environment and sustainability stemmed from studying BSc Hons Environmental Health at Ulster University, which I graduated from with first class honours.

I am looking forward to learning and connecting with likeminded professionals on the 30 under 30 programme, to help deliver safe and sustainable events, entertainment and education on the Odyssey site for the people of Northern Ireland.

Thumbnail picture of Joe Murray

Joe Murray


As a Place Shaping Executive at Outscape, I specialise in providing sustainable access to the outdoors. With a background as the Environmental Officer at Queen's University Belfast, I led initiatives and programmes to drive climate action at a personal to organisational scale. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Planning and Development where I am focusing on urban rewilding, wildlife corridors, and biophilic design. I have observed a lack of environmental priority in Northern Ireland's planning and development sector so I have joined this year's cohort to be a more effective advocate for the natural environment.

I will use the experiences and skills gained from the programme to connect with others, inspire advocates across more sectors, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Thumbnail picture of Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

DHL Supply Chain

I’m currently working as a sustainability specialist for DHL supply chain, with a background in astrophysics and a masters in sustainable development. My day to day focus is making changes to the supply chain to transition towards a more sustainable logistics sector. 

In the future, I’d love to combine my physics and environmental interests and work in raising awareness of light pollution and its varied impacts. I’m hoping to take inspiration from the 30under30 programme to figure out how to achieve this!

Thumbnail picture of Katie Ni Chleire

Katie Ni Chleire

Stamp Out Poverty

I'm the Campaigns and Communications Manager for Stamp Out Poverty, an organisation committed to achieving climate justice. My work primarily involves leading the Make Polluters Pay campaign, which advocates for the polluter pays principle to be central in climate finance commitments at a national and multi-lateral level, and my work involves representing the campaign at international conferences including COP28 in Dubai. I was the President of Queen's Students' Union from 2021-2022, where I campaigned on a broad range of issues impacting university students. I also work for Student Minds, a charity focused on student mental health. I am a board member for the Second-level Students' Union of Northern Ireland, and I was a member of the Washington Ireland Programme Class of 2022. 

Thumbnail picture of Luc Kelly

Luc Kelly

Queen's University

I'm Luc!

I am currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at QUB, undertaking a placement at the Department for the Economy NI working in R&D policy.

Through the Mitacs internship, I had the opportunity to conduct research on the environmental and societal impacts of an iron ore mine planned to be built in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

My work with Prof. Alex Mallett at Carleton University, has focused on analysing the long history of exploitative extractive industries in the area and the future consequences of a new mine being built at this scale.

I am eager to continue researching the Bloco 8 mine and its impacts on the local Geraizeiro community, while also learning from this year's 30u30 cohort.

Thumbnail picture of Malachy Morgan

Malachy Morgan


Passionate about sustainability and agricultural innovation, I am Malachy, an Agricultural Lecturer with a background in both education and practical farming. I graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a Master’s in Business and a Degree in Agricultural Technology.

Joining the 30 Under 30 program, I aim to deepen my understanding of climate change solutions, collaborate with like-minded leaders, and gain diverse perspectives from fellow participants. Through this program, I aspire to contribute in shaping a more sustainable future, addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges we face. 

Thumbnail picture of Michael  MacKenzie

Michael MacKenzie

Department for the Economy

I work for the Department for the Economy, in the Geothermal and Heat Networks Branch of the Energy Group, as the Project Manager for GeoEnergy NI, Northern Ireland’s geothermal energy demonstrator project.

My background is in geoscience, having graduated from my undergraduate degree in Geology in 2016. After a few years working in finance, I returned to university where I did a Master’s by Research in GeoEnergy, modelling thermal flows of abandoned mines.

As part of 30 Under 30, I hope to build connections and better understand how different system actors can collaborate in efforts to achieve a sustainable future.

Thumbnail picture of Naomi  Martin

Naomi Martin

Queen's University

My name is Naomi and I’m passionate about the environment. This passion has been developed through my time at school, university, and within my role at Queen’s University. I have worked within Queen’s Sustainability Team since November 2021, coordinating training courses and events for staff and students to help increase their environmental awareness and passion to address the climate emergency.

I’m excited to learn from my 30U30 peers who also want to create positive environmental change in Northern Ireland and look forward to working collaboratively towards the common goal of ensuring Northern Ireland has a sustainable, clean future.

Thumbnail picture of Niamh Haughian

Niamh Haughian

Martin Property Group

My name is Niamh, I'm 26 and my background is in Real Estate Finance. I graduated from Queen's in 2020 (BSc. Finance) and began my career in Debt Financing at a Global Investment Management firm. Appreciating the impact the built environment has on climate change, I returned to Queen's in 2022 to undertake a Master's in Construction Project Management to explore ways I can drive positive change. I currently work for a property development firm, and am excited to be in the process of attaining LEED and WELL sustainability accreditations. I believe collaboration will be key in creating climate solutions, and I am thrilled to be joining this diverse network of change-makers. 

Thumbnail picture of Polly Garnett

Polly Garnett

The Belfast Hills Partnership

As an artist and educator, I use storytelling as a way to connect with communities and to discuss topics such as climate justice.

I had worked within the voluntary and arts sector for many years before deciding to change career paths. This led me to my current role at the Belfast Hills Partnership, bringing together my passion for storytelling, nature and the arts into our youth engagement projects.

Driven to make a positive change in my local community, I hope that the 30 under 30 programme will bring about opportunities to collaborate and learn from others.

Thumbnail picture of Robyn Kelly

Robyn Kelly

Lightsource BP

I am a Project Developer for Lightsource bp who are one of the largest solar developers across Europe. I originally completed my undergraduate degree in Business and International Development before undertaking a Masters in Climate Change. I then spent 2 years working as an Environmental Consultant focusing on largescale, international solar and wind projects before returning closer to home for my current position. 


As part of the 30 under 30, I am excited to engage with people from diverse disciplines in the sustainability sector. By learning from fellow participants as well as the experts and mentors involved in this programme, I hope to broaden my perspective, develop my leadership skillset, and position myself to make a meaningful impact on Northern Ireland’s journey towards a more sustainable and climate-friendly future.

Thumbnail picture of Rory Quinn

Rory Quinn

Queen's University

I am a final year undergrad student studying Environmental Management at QUB. I am interested in all aspects of ecology and ecological enhancement. My research project examines NI district councils' opinions and thoughts on biodiversity and compares this to how biodiversity net gain is implemented in England.

I have experience within the nature and environment team at Arup and look forward to returning there once I graduate.

I applied to this programme to learn more about the climate crisis and biodiversity crisis and how they are interlinked. I look forward to meeting others passionate about the environment on this course.

Thumbnail picture of Shane Brady

Shane Brady


My name is Shane Brady I am COO of SmartWorkPlus.

I’ve been working in the Facilities Management industry for nearly a decade and studied IoT to help create a product called SmartTEC.

SmartTEC allowed facility managers to focus cleaning resources on areas that had been occupied but the product grew after our sensors showed many unoccupied rooms were still being heated and lit artificially. There are no winners for energy waste. It’s a quick, easy and significant step towards creating more sustainable facilities and preventing this pervasive waste of energy across our built environment has become a mission for me.

Thumbnail picture of Thomas Lyttle

Thomas Lyttle


I work as a software developer at CATAGEN, a Net Zero Technologies Centre where our mission statement is to clean and decarbonise the air, most of my work there consists of building automated analysis tools, control code for our test machines and integrating hardware components into these same machines.

I graduated from Queens University Belfast with a Bachelors in International Politics and Conflict Studies, and I am currently doing a Part-time Masters in Software Development. Both my time at Catagen and undergraduate degree have fuelled my innate passion for nature and conservation.

I hope that on this programme I can work closely with a network of like-minded, passionate individuals and that as a collective we can use the leadership skills and knowledge imparted upon us to make significant change.

Thumbnail picture of Zara Hamilton

Zara Hamilton

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

My name is Zara, I’m currently working as a field officer at KNIB. This role involves carrying out environmental education in schools, engaging communities in environmental action and measuring local environmental quality.

I am passionate about the environment, as a QUB graduate in geography and a masters in sustainable development. Within this I have gained a range of experience across the environmental sector, with a keen interest in the human impact of climate change across the world.

I am excited to be part of this programme with the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and connect with an inspiring group of peers.