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Biodiversity Recovery


Northern Ireland’s Biodiversity is declining!

11% of 2450 species assessed are threatened with extinction from the island of Ireland.

Together we can halt and reverse this decline…

View the statistics of how Northern Ireland's biodiversity is declining in this '2019 State of Nature' infographic.


All of us depend on nature for clean air, water, food, energy and raw materials.

Nature and biodiversity make our lives possible, driving our economy at the same time as providing us with very many health and social benefits. Did you know that pollinating insects ensure that many of our crops and wild plants are able to set seed and produce fruit?

Healthy ecosystems such as peatlands, forests and shorelines can also help us to cope with the impacts of climate change.

As one of our 3 strategic themes, Biodiversity Recovery is an important part of all our programmes and initiatives.

Find out more from Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful…


Go to the Live Here Love Here web site to see how you can get involved in your community to improve where you live to help nature to thrive.

Project Ideas

Thinking of a new community project? View the document on Biodiversity Recovery Project Advice for some simple ideas.

Eco-Schools Logo

School grounds provide an ideal opportunity to introduce children to the natural environment and to biodiversity in a practical way. View this Biodiversity section to learn more.


To help you learn more, view the Biodiversity resources relating to the Eco-Schools journey.

Other useful resources...

Butterfly with folded wings on flower

To find out how you can help by supplying data and making small changes visit The UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025. There are resources available to help communities, gardeners, farmers, schools, councils, sports clubs and businesses increase pollinator-friendly land management techniques.

If you wish to learn more about Biodiversity recovery initiatives locally, or ways in which you can help, the following organisations provide lots of useful information:

Ulster Wildlife
Woodland Trust
National Trust NI
NI Bat Group 

National Biodiversity Network Trust
Northern Ireland Squirrel Forum
Butterfly Conservation
Northern Ireland Forest School Association

Biodiversity Recovery