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Cleaner Neighbourhoods Report

Cleaner Neighbourhoods Reports 2022/23 Cover Image 

Monitoring a cleaner Northern Ireland

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful’s Cleaner Neighbourhoods Report provides a detailed, yearly analysis of local environmental quality across all 11 councils. Covering everything from littering, dog fouling, graffiti and council enforcement, it tracks our progress toward a cleaner and greener society.  

As well as providing a summary of the NI Litter Survey, the report includes details on: 

  • Enforcement actions taken by councils, including the number of fixed penalties issued 
  • Ratepayers' spending on street cleansing
  • Tailored recommendations for policymakers, businesses and individuals

Cleaner Neighbourhoods over the years

Want to trace the history of Northern Ireland’s terrestrial environmental quality? Take a look at our previous reports.

In 2016 Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful replaced the NI Litter Survey reports, carried out on behalf of the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs since 2006, with the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Report – a more comprehensive look at the wider pollution picture in Northern Ireland.


For more information on our Cleaner Neighbourhoods Reports, please contact us.