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Clean Europe Network

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is a founding member of the Clean Europe Network, which brings together Europe's leading litter prevention associations. Some of the Network's members have decades of experience in addressing the ever-changing challenge of litter in our towns and countryside. Together, we hope to leverage our shared experience and resources to bring positive solutions to one of society's most persistent problems.

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The Clean Europe Network currently brings together 15 of the major players in this field in Europe, together with a number of supporters who provide financial or other support to the Clean Europe Network's programme.

Currently 10 EU Member States and Switzerland are represented in this Network, which has the potential to reach over 50 % OF THE EU POPULATION in its programmes. A number of our members already directly engage 1 in 5 of the population in their respective territories.

The Clean Europe Network is a programme of the European Litter Prevention Association. It is a not-for-profit association under Belgian law that was set up by some of the Clean Europe Network’s members in order to coordinate and facilitate the Clean Europe Network's activities. The European Litter Prevention Association is headquartered at Avenue Livingstone 13-15, 1000 Brussels, BELGIUM.

Visit the Clean Europe Network web site.