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Green Coast Award

The Green Coast Award is aimed particularly (but not solely) at rural beaches (hidden gems) which do not qualify for other awards due to the lack of intensive management and development of facilities around the beach area. These sites do have excellent water quality, but may not be suitable for swimming for other reasons, such as currents or lack of lifeguards.

Because the award doesn't require toilets, lots of signage or other infrastructure, this award is perfect for smaller beaches, ones with a special or fragile natural character or those which the local community does not wish to see developed to great extent. 

To be eligible for the Green Coast Award, the Beach Management Group must work with the local community to develop a management plan and provide evidence that they have addressed all the award objectives. These objectives include:

  • Water quality
  • Beach management
  • Litter and waste
  • Safety
  • Information and education
  • Beach guardianship

Beaches suitable for the Green Coast Award will be carefully managed by the owner in partnership with the local community and in close consultation with conservation organisations such as the National Trust or Ulster Wildlife. If facilities are present on or near the beach, they should minimise visual impact and any litter found on the beach should be cleansed sensitively. 

Applying for Green Coast

An application for the award is made each year. Each application is reviewed by a jury of experts, and successful beaches are assessed at least once during the year to ensure that award standards are maintained. 

View the Green Coast Award criteria 

To apply for a Green Coast Award, please contact us.