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Mission statement

Our Mission is to inspire and empower people to create more resilient and healthier communities.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is a charity working towards its vision of a world where people and nature thrive. 

How We Work 

We inspire people and share the stories of others who are already having a positive impact. We empower people by providing the knowledge, tools, advice and resources they need to unlock their potential and deliver change. We are doers and lead by example. We engage with others. We generate our own research and collaborate with others to achieve more. We endorse and celebrate the achievements of local people and ensure the hard work that goes into making the places we all love beautiful is recognised nationally and internationally. 

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is part-funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs with the rest of its funding coming from trusts and foundations, private partnerships and the provision of services and training to Councils and other organisations.

What We Do

Our work focuses on Climate Action, Biodiversity Recovery and Waste and Pollution Solutions, all critically important to our future. These are primarily delivered through our work on:

  1. Environmental Education - delivering the international Eco-Schools, Eco-Campus, Young Reporters for the Environment and Learning About Forest (LEAF) programmes
  2. Engagement and Volunteering - Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful runs a range of media, awareness raising and volunteering campaigns including Adopt A Spot, The BIG Spring Clean, Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds, and Live Here Love Here, a cross-sectoral collaboration that has awarded over £1m in small grants and works with tens of thousands of volunteers annually
  3. Environmental Standards - we operate the international Blue Flag and Green Key programs, as well as the Seaside and Green Coast Awards, NI Litter Surveys, Borough Cleanliness Surveys and the Green Business Award.
We deliver conferences, webinars and training as we strive to empower people, including those most in need. We believe a fairer society will be one that better values our increasingly vulnerable environment.