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Litter Composition Reports

Litter Composition Analysis Report 2022/23 Cover Image

Latest Report

The Litter Composition Analysis Report 2022/23 reveals that there are an estimated 12 million pieces of litter polluting our streets at any one time. Staggeringly, we calculate that it is just four producers who account for 50% of all branded litter.

What this report exposes is (a) the severity of our litter problem and (b) the necessity of incoming legislation for creating a more circular economy in Northern Ireland. Further information contained in the report includes:

  • The top 25 producers of litter in Northern Ireland
  • An analysis of waste found in public bins
  • A full overview of all estimated litter items
  • Recommendations for tackling the scale of the litter problem

This report is part of a wider project funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to encourage waste prevention, including within the production, consumption and littering of single-use plastic in Northern Ireland.

Litter Composition Analysis Report 2022/23

Previous Reports

Prior to the latest Litter Composition Analysis Report, we released two separate litter-composition studies: the Litter Composition Report 2019/20 and the Litter Composition Producer Report 2019/20.

Please note: a different methodology was selected for these earlier reports, therefore limiting the comparability of data with our current litter-focused publication.

Litter Composition Report 2019/20

Litter Composition Producer Report 2019/20