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About us

We are an environmental charity that campaigns directly to the public to bring about changes in negative behaviour. We work to persuade people to not drop litter but put it in the bin, as well as cleaning up after dogs and not destroying their community with graffiti and fly posting.

Here in Northern Ireland we have 14 years' experience of campaigning to achieve positive action. We have developed our survey techniques to enable us to gather data on how successful each campaign we run is either for ourselves, or in conjunction with other organisations. We also use these techniques to gather information on the state of Northern Ireland's environmental quality.

We also run several international programmes that aim to improve our local environment. In 2009 Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful achieved independent membership of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) enabling us to operate Blue Flag, Eco-Schools and other FEE programmes. We also run programmes for businesses (for example, TIDY Business), householders (for example, Eco-Home) and people who want to volunteer (for example, The BIG Spring Clean).

We believe that by monitoring the problems we have hard data on which to build effective responses, which include education, volunteer engagement and media campaigns. For anyone who won't change their behaviour, we also provide training and advice on enforcement.

Keep Northern Ireland beautiful is now teaming up with everyone who wants to create a better society to build civic pride. We already have partners from central government, local government and the Tourist Board. If you want to know more, or want to be part of that change we want to hear from you.